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Raiser is the perfect Launch Pad platform for your project. Some of our features are; Intelligent community, accurate review, real investors, unbiased vetting process, thousands of affiliates ready to promote your project.

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The Affiliate Flow

Profitable Blockchain
Affiliate Network.

Affiliates get paid in BNB or in RAIZ for referring either the project creator or investors who investes on any project.

If there is an affiliate who has referred the person who successfully started a project on Raiser, there is a minimum of 2BNB to be earned and if there is an affiliate who have referred anyone who invests in a project; there is a minimum of 2% to be earned on the total investment per that user.

Interestinly, affiliates would continue to earn when these persons invests on another project on Raiser.


100% Community Vetting Process

It's safer when the community decides which project they want listed. Raiser is a platform where each project passes through 3 stages of vetting by differently ranked community members.

3 stage project vetting process.

Only those who want to invest votes!

Safer investment as the community together vet the project.

Guaranteed token allocation.

Perfect Launch Pad For Your Project

A community of investors ready to invest in your project and affiliates ready to promote your project. We have a very large community that guarantees investment

No need for extra Marketing if approved on Raiser

Startup user base willing to try out your solution not just investors

When Affiliate promote, this would give your project more benefits on branding

Everything your project needs to succeed is here on Raiser!


Raiser was developed to meet the raiser's community basic & advance needs.

Open & automated application form with open vote monitoring by the Raiser community .

General statistical monitoring from the app. You can view all investments, all accepted & rejected projects, all users, e.t.c

Auto notify for new projects via email if you enable this and via telegram if you are part of the telegram community.

As part of the community, major decisions are made by the community. Example are; Listing fee, commission percentage on successful projects, Governance, e.t.c

To further improve the decentralization, the entire financial statistical data is available to everyone.

Why Hold RAIZ?

Either as an investor or an affiliate or a project launcher, here are some very good reasons why you should buy and hold the Raiser Token called RAIZ


The structure of this token has been heavily planned using all existing Market statistics. After a careful study of the Cryptocurrency Market, we are happy to introduce to you the methods that would sustain the RAIZ token as this would not just be a token to raise funds, it would also be an everyday payment token and a tool for major decision on the Raiser Network
Here are some of the direct efforts & strategies which would maintain and give the token more value;

  • Only 100M Total Supply
  • No extra Minting
  • No Airdrops
  • 40% of the total Profits generated Monthly used to Lock more tokens for 1 year each.
  • Developers token locked for 1 year
  • A Voting tool for major decisions on the network.
  • Developers maintain this project on a FULL time Basis


Breakdown of our Token (RAIZ).

Total Supply


Public Sale


Token Symbol


Project Type


Our Roadmap

March 2022


April 2022

Token Pre-Sale

April 2022

Dev Expansion

May 2022

Launch on several Exchanges

May 2022

Custom referral challenge bonuses

May 2022

Bitcointalk Signature/Telegram Marketing launch

June 2022


July 2022

Marketing to potential Project creators

August 2022

Main Launch

November 2022

Version 2

December 2022

Mobile APP Launch

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